Reflecting on the past that brought me where I am today 

So here I am another year sober, on February 22 I will have 4 years of sobriety. Man time has past by. Since my release from the Michigan Department of Corrections in October 2012, I have accomplished a lot, by a lot I mean I have started my up my own construction company, ( I have been in the building trade for over 20 years) I have made purchases that I would have never been able to do prior to 2012, and I have gotten some college credits under my belt. But most of all out of all of this is, ( not the material things or the notoriety of a business owner) that for once in my life (at 40 years old) I’m at peace I have found that happy place, new friends and established stronger family bonds. I feel genuine and honest for the first time in along time. Throw a little ole program called “Celebrate Recovery” I have found I can let go of a lot of the baggage that came with my addiction. And I will continue to keep working the program and the steps, I have never forgot where I came from (“and that is important”) or where I have been in life. My life was a 129mph out of control train waiting to run of the tracks and it did not matter who got in the way. But I don’t have to do that any more. Man what a relief. To sum this up I have good friends that like to share and I have those that love to listen to me. And that helps me as much as it helps them. “Slow and Easy” one day at a time. I have over come that mountain and I can truly say it is better over here. I made it and will keep going up hill. 


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