Sobriety, life lesson , hard knocks

Well here it is October 2 2014 and this very day I was walking out the door of the Michigan state prison in Adrian mi.. Man never thought I would end up there but after thinking ” hey it will not happen to me” well it did and. That was my very bottom in October of 2011 when I got my last DUI . I have done my time. I have 2 months left on parole. The time I did made me think and figure me out I am proud and humbled to say today I have almost 3 years sober and with in the last year have got my construction company up and running ( the legal way) and doing good… I love life now and being sober is the best thing that happened to me… I figure who’s gonna stope now? 😄.. Here I am sporting my new shirt.. And proud to be ” tattooed and employed ” yeah baby.. Come on life let’s see what you have In store for me in the days to come..



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