The joy of being sober


And on this is just one of the things I missed out on being in prison and from drinking my life away.the joy of being a sober dad. Great day for soccer I love my renewed life . Loving this.


Well iam back and life is going great. For the past month or so my wonderful wife and i have got our construction business up and running the legal way, we are a registered LLC and insured contractor. I mean hell if ya read my blog ya know that October 2 2013 I was released from the Michigan Department of Corrections. and know it is May and i have completed a semester at the local collage, registered my business and moving forward in life. That time i spent in prison made me see that there is more to life than that bottle.

Threw the completion of consulting that was part of my parole guidelines from the state i really got something out of the meetings with the consular( i cant say there name but they know who they are) thank you for helping me see that in life there are better things available. And that i do have great friends and these are sober friends that help me threw things that i have a hard time with,A great family and the love of a great women help me remember and not take anything for granted..Well to end for now i got to say that today i am a better person,a sober person that can make it over any and all mountains. Remember “I hit my rock bottom ,But thank God my rock bottom was not death” .. So looking back would i have changed anything,? Well yes i would but hell man i have learned from the mistakes i  made and never again do ” I Want to Be on the Inside Looking Out” 

Slow And Easy …………….