Life with out the SCRAM tether


Slow And Easy Threw Sobriety

Lots to do in a short time but threw the eyes of a sober man i can sit back take a break and enjoy things a bit. Take it slow and learn to enjoy things that i have missed out on. Ya know i was just released from prison 6 months ago and sober for 2 years and 2 months. What an awesome freedom i have being sober, I dont have to lie to my kids,wife or to my self. Man what a re leaf it is to be this person that i am today. I enjoy life and make time for the little things.

If only i would have seen this all so many years ago…..   

Life struggles

Sometimes life throws a curve. I mean hell sobriety in its self is a challenge to deal with, let a lone dealing with other demons. Don’t get me wrong I do not at all want a drink but all of a sudden In sobriety Iam tested and thru my faith and courage I now can over come the demons that Try to tempt me . Thank you all that follow and pray for me. That bottle is not the answer for sure. Threw this hurdle I have learned also that I can not control things and remind. My self to take it : ” slow and easy” Get back soon been a great day 😄