Slow and easy Sober one day at a time

Today is a new day, A new day sober all one like me can do is think positive,tell myself “I will not drink today” and move forward with my day. I have to save some days are a struggle, Not so much the wanting to drink ( as far as that goes i don’t want a drink). But the daily struggles of being an adult,parent,brother,son,and a husband. Hell i have lived in a haze so long i did not know any different and know with 2 years of sobriety i can see the things i forgot or neglected in life and let me say i missed my kids growing up i missed alot and looking back threw sober eyes damn where was i. I was swimming in the bottom of that bottle of whiskey and there was no room for any one else. What a selfish way to be. just the other day my little sister said she likes the new me and would not change me now for any thing because now she ” has her brother back” i was drunk for so long and all the time that she did not remember me as a sober person. Well i say this just take it one day at a time “SLOW AND EASY” and work for it and it will come. I enjoy the new me and the best thing i did was put that bottle out of my life…


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