life of sobriety ,; “slow and easy”

No one ever said that life was easy, And man let me tell ya sobriety is not easy at all, But to the alternative i will take life on life’s terms. i Have 2 years of clean and sober from alcohol now and after a 18 month prison term,consoling,reading the aa big book,working thru Celebrate Recovery steps and with the help of my church and family i still could not help but to break down the other day.

For the first time i picked up the phone and called my good friend and sponsor that has been there with me threw all the trials and tributes, watch me fall flat on my face and try again and never give up on me. He explained to me that we all go on “the high cloud of sobriety” for about 18 months and then we realize life is  not what we remember and we get the emotions and the fighting with god the cursing everyone but the one thing we need to remember is” Don’t forget where we where and where we came from and to where we are now”  And ya know what it got threw to me that this is life. I  have been hiding it in the bottom of a bottle of Jack Danial’s for so long that it finally started to sink in and for this i say today i am no longer prideful and that i can reach out for help and know that an grown man can cry and weep and no one will look any different at you. I am thankful for the positive people in my life my sponsor,family and church community.. So i leave with this be thankful if you have no addiction,be greatfull if you are recovering and always no matter what cherish what you have. And who you share it with…… 


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