How I found Sobriety

On October 28, 2011 my life came to a screeching halt. This day began like all other. I was on my way to the job site at about 6:30 am.  On the way of course, I was already tipping the bottle and stopping for another. I got to my first job and started working and while I was there, my wife had called and could tell I had already started drinking. She tried to tell me what would happen if I got another DUI. She said I would end up in prison and I just blew her off and kept on working. I had two more jobs that day and somewhere between finishing the first bottle and starting the second, I skipped one job and got lost going to the other. I made it to the final job that day about 11:30 am and was I loaded. I finished up there and left for home. I was in Warren Michigan and I had an hour and half drive home so I took off.

The rest of this story is off of the police report because I was so drunk that I don’t really remember anything until I was booked into the county jail. On I-96 right around Novi, Michigan the police, received the first call regarding my reckless erratic driving.  I had rammed into vehicle and kept going. The Michigan State Police issued a BOLO ( which is Be On The Look Out ) on my vehicle and right about then they got three more calls that I had hit or rammed more vehicles. Now keep in mind I only know this by reading a police report and through out the court proceedings. So about now it is 12:50 pm and I am almost to the  US-23 and I-96 interchange and I headed north on US-23. That is where the first state police cars started following me and after numerous police cars joined in the chase I made it about 8 more miles to the center median on the North bound side of US-23 right at the M-59 exit. They tried many times to get me to exit the vehicle and only after force where they able to arrest me.

By now my wife was calling me and I was not answering. I was in the state police post waiting to be transferred to the Livingston County Jail. She had to locate me by tracking my phone and found it was in the impound yard. After calling them and the Michigan State police, she was able to find out  about the mess that I had created. This was my third DUI and I also received a resisting and obstructing law enforcement. Both are felonies in the State of Michigan and carry a prison term.

After going through the court system again and again, I knew they were not going to go easy on me this time. The judge, after a plea agreement, gave me 18 months in Michigan Department of Corrections, and 5 year suspension on my drivers license. I also added two felony’s to my record that will stay with me for life. I have fines and restitution that will add up to the price of a small car.

On April 5, 2012 I was sent to prison. This is not a place that any one wants to be. I went in with the attitude to do what I needed to do and get home. I completed my GED in October 2012 and held a job the whole time I was in prison. The pay was 1.54 a day for 7 hour shift. My stay in prison allowed me to be sober for the first time in many years.  I was released on October 2, 2013 and  part of my release is to report to a Parole officer and where a SCRAM tether that monitors for alcohol in my system.  I will have the tether until April 2, 2014 and my parole will continue until January 2, 2015.

This was the final  straw for me. I knew I had enough. I threw my hands up and promised myself that I will not drink again. I can not go through life like this. Every weekend while in prison, my wife would load our four children up and drive the two hours to Adrian Michigan where I was incarcerated. After a 45 minute search process, they could spend the day with me. What a way to learn a lesson. By no means am I perfect, nor do I want to be, I just want to survive and live my life sober with my family. I will have two years of sobriety at the end of February. I now live for the day and cherish what I have and what I almost threw away. I live my life “slow and easy”. By attending the Celebrate Recovery program and the support of my family and friends, I can accomplish this.

This has been a humbling experience in my life and I have learned a lesson the hard way. I thank the Lord everyday that no one was hurt or killed by my actions that day. It is time for the new chapter in my life .”The Sober Me “. So far I have been able to accomplish sobriety and I will continue on and try to educate people about the dangers of drinking and driving. This is my story.


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